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Care Management

Allows case managers to achieve the best possible outcomes with tools to proactively identify high risk patients, close care gaps, coordinate care delivery and optimize efficiency.

Provides access to comprehensive dashboards that display patient history.
Optimizes workflow and support for clinical decision making.
Facilitates comprehensive assessments in full compliance with the Medicaid/CMS guidelines.

Sets standards based on clinical goals and evidence-based practice. Measures the impact of change through outcome analysis and reports.

Helps determine Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) project focus.
Once a measure is picked and an action plan is in place, dashboards can be used to view the measure over time and evaluate the plan’s performance and progress.
Population Health Management

Provides a comprehensive approach to uncovering gaps in care, coordinating care, improving outcomes, optimizing efficiency, and improving revenue.

Organizations have the ability to define multiple cohorts through segmentation and stratification based on demographic, clinical, and functional attributes.
Cohorts help improve the effectiveness of the Population health management program by targeting specific interventions for different cohorts.
Assessment Analysis

Analysis patient specific data through decision support technology and proprietary algorithms to enhance clinical assessment accuracy.

Saves time by automating the review process.
Reduces time spent on data entry and improves documentation consistency and accuracy.
Helps optimize reimbursements through submission of proper data.
Displays real-time view into performance.
Improves patient quality of care.
Utilization Management

Tracks, reviews, and analysis utilization of services to improve healthcare quality, safety, costs, and patient outcomes.

Provides actionable reports with real-time data.
Assists in minimizing costs while also maintaining the quality of care.

Provides assessment specific training and education designed to improve accuracy of assessment data.

In support of improving patient care, EAS, Inc is accredited by the Commission for Case Management Certification, to provide continuing education to healthcare teams.
Provides a variety of quizzes and courses.
Provides the ability to train staff by using video or document training.
User friendly environment
Real-time reports and dashboards
Data optimization and management
Automated workflows
Financial management