About Us

EXPERT ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONS, Inc is a privately held company established in 2016.

EXPERT ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONS, Inc is a leading provider of support, consulting, training, and technology services within the home health care industry.

What We Do – Inform, Educate, Empower

aCodec is an innovative data-driven product designed to assist in the home assessment and healthcare process to deliver optimal healthcare outcomes to our communities.
aCodec delivers knowledge and information into the hands of healthcare professionals.
aCodec provides healthcare organizations with the knowledge they need to guide their own growth strategies to improve healthcare and business outcomes.

We are a team of clinicians, analysts, and software professionals dedicated to providing innovative technology services, consulting, and training for healthcare professionals.

- One Solution - Endless Possibilities

Reports & Dashboards

aCodec features intuitive reports and dashboards for all the organization’s needs.
aCodec’s reports and dashboards provide insights on community health, at-risk patients, patient-specific healthcare, clinician-specific progress, and the organization overall.
aCodec’s reports and dashboards also provide business analytics including month-month trends, lost revenues opportunities, staff performance, quality measures and more.

Clinical Documentation Data Entry

aCodec facilitates accurate comprehensive assessments in full compliance with the Medicaid guidelines.
aCodec goes beyond the standard assessment and explores patient-specific physical, psychological, and psychosocial needs to increase positive patient healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction.
aCodec incorporates several tools to aid the assessment process including Fall Risk Assessment, Pain Assessment, and Scales. Assessments can be completed through aCodec offline when internet is unavailable and then uploaded for review, analysis and completion when internet is accessible.

Clinical Documentation Analysis

aCodec eliminates the need for manual reviews through decision support technology and proprietary algorithms that enhance clinical assessment accuracy. We provide assessment reviews with a click of a button.
aCodec’s analytics can be used to enhance clinical assessment accuracy, track clinician progress, identify opportunities to increase organization revenue, monitor patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, and more.

Learning Management System

aCodec offers the organization’s staff training and development through our constantly developing educational materials and courses. The Learning Management System includes self-assessment tests, quizzes, courses, and videos. Organizations have the ability to track the educational progress of their staff through our online learning platform.