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How can I access aCodec?
Your organization’s Administration will take the necessary steps to provide users with aCodec access and instructions.
I am a new aCodec user. Where do I begin?
New users will be provided an electronic copy of the “aCodec User Guide”, where users will find step-by-step instructions for using the aCodec site.
How do I change the personal information on my user account?
  • 1.In your browser address bar enter:
  • 2.Click the Log In tab
  • 3.Enter your user name and password
  • 4.On the Menu Page click on My Account Details
  • 5.Make the desired changes to your account information
  • 6.Click Save
How can I change or reset my password?
  • 1.Go to your browser address bar and enter:
  • 2.Click the Log In tab
  • 3.On the Log In page click Forgot Your Password
  • 4.On the Forgot Your Password page enter your email address associated with your User Account.
  • 5.Once you receive a confirmation email follow the instructions to reset your password.
    Remember: Your password is case sensitive and should be at least 8 characters long with a minimum of one upper case letter and one special character.
If I work for multiple organizations should I use the same aCodec account for all my assessments?
The Expert Assessment Solutions, Inc policy requires each organization that is in contract with Expert Assessment Solutions, Inc to create individual aCodec User Accounts for staff and subcontractors.
This means that for each organization you must have separate aCodec User Accounts. You may NOT under any circumstances utilize the same User Account to upload assessments for multiple organizations.
Can I share my aCodec account with my coworkers?
Every User of the aCodec software is required to have their own individual User Account. You may NOT share your account with any other individual.
You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password and all activities that occur under your User Account. You should immediately notify your employer and Expert Assessment Solutions, Inc by e-mail at of any unauthorized use of your User Account or any breach of security. You should immediately notify your employer and Expert Assessment Solutions, Inc by e-mail at of any changes to your employment status.
Do I have to make changes to my assessments based on aCodec’s suggestions?
Upon completing your assessment aCodec will generate an automated suggestion report. The suggestion report flags possible inconsistencies between assessment responses on a completed assessment. You are always responsible for your own assessment and it is up to you to review the generated suggestions and make conclusions on whether to make changes based on your own professional judgement.
It is expected that upon noting any inconsistencies, or encountering previously unknown concepts, in the suggestion report assessors will further educate themselves by researching the information through reliable outside sources and seeking additional information from patients, caregivers, physicians, etc. (in accordance with organization’s policies and professional regulations), prior to making any changes or drawing conclusions. Not all findings may be relevant or consistent with the assessor’s in-person assessment. The suggestion report indicates areas that an assessor may want to further research and verify. The suggestion report DOES NOT provide or suggest diagnosis, or any treatment plan.
Who gets access to aggregate reports?
An aggregate reports guide can be found on the right side of each aggregate report page. Click on the ? to view the aggregate report guide.
What is Learning Management System?
Learning Management System was designed to provide high quality continuing education for assessors. Our team is composed of dedicated experts, analysts, clinicians and visionaries, committed to providing the latest information in healthcare.
How do I access the courses and earn continuing education contact hours?

The Learning Management System can be accessed by active aCodec software users only. In order to access the courses, you must be logged into you’re aCodec account that was provided to you by your organization. On aCodec’s Main Menu page select Learning Management System. You will be redirected to the Learning Management System page where the catalog is displayed.

If you wish to earn contact hours for one of our continuing education courses, please follow these steps:

  • 1. On the Course Catalog Page choose the course you wish to take. Click on the title of the course, or the “Take Course” button.
  • 2. Review the course description. When you are ready to proceed with the course click the “Start” button. The training course consists of 4 activities: pre-test, course content, post-test, survey. These activities must be completed in sequential order.
  • 3. Take the pre-test. You may take the pre-test once.
  • 4. Read, listen or watch the course material.
  • 5. Take the post-test. The post-test is designed to test your knowledge about the concepts presented in the course. To earn contact hours, you must receive a minimum passing score of 75% on the post-test. You may retake the post-test as many times as necessary to pass.
  • 6. After passing your post-test click, "Continue to Survey.” In order to complete the course process, receive contact hours, and certificate of completion, please complete the brief survey.
  • 7. Once your survey has been submitted your score will appear. Certificates and contact hours will be awarded on the day you pass the test (Central Standard Time, U.S.). At any time, you may click on "Account Information" to view your transcripts of completed courses.
Do you have continuing education courses for Certified Case Managers?
Most of the courses offered on this site have been pre-approved by The Commission for Case Manager Certification to provide continuing education credit to CCM board certified case managers.
How soon will I receive my CE certificate for the completed course?
Your certificate will be available immediately after you successfully complete a post-test and submit the course survey.
Do I earn continuing education contact hours after completing Fast Quiz or Self-Assessment Quiz?
No. Fast quizzes and Self-Assessment Quizzes are short exercises, often specifically designed to test your knowledge of the InterRAI assessment topics. You may only receive CE credit after completing continuing education courses.
What should I do if the name on my completed course certificate is misspelled?
  • 1. On the aCodec Main Menu page click on “Edit My Profile”
  • 2. The “Account Details” will be displayed, click “Edit”
  • 3. Make the desired changes to your account information
  • 4. Click Save
How can I contact the author of the Learning Management System courses and quizzes?
To contact an author, please email your questions or concerns, to
What if I have additional questions that were not covered on this page?
Please feel free to contact the Expert Assessment Solutions team at with any suggestions, questions, or comments. You can also use the Contact Us page to submit your question.
What software and hardware configuration of my computer require to use aCodec?
Hardware Specifications Operating System Supported Browsers Settings Software Requirements
1. Minimum hardware requirement to run the operating system.

2. Internet connection

3. 1024 x 768 screen resolution (min)
MS Window 7 or later (x32 – x64)
Internet Explorer version 9
Internet Explorer version 10
Internet Explorer version 11
128- bit encryption (minimum) Adobe Reader
Minimum hardware requirement to run the operating system. Mac OS X v10.8 "Mountain Lion" Safari 6.2.8 (August 13, 2015)
Minimum hardware requirement to run the operating system. Mac OS X v10.7 "Lion" Safari 6.1.6 (August 13, 2014)

Additional Equipment: Hard disk encryption is required to secure protected health information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA security standards. Click your browser’s Help menu and select About to determine the browser version you are using.

To Download a free version of Internet Explorer 11 (32-Bit) or Internet Explorer 11 (64-Bit) click the link below :

If you are not finding an answer to your question on our FAQ page, please complete the support request form below:

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