Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Nursing Assessment Tool

The Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Nursing Assessment Tool uses predefined scoring criteria to determine personal care assistant hours members require for assistance with individual personal care needs.

The Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Nursing Assessment Tool takes into account:

  • ADL and IADL impairment
  • Behavioral or cognitive limitations
  • Family and living status
  • Services required
  • Community resources that may meet individual personal care needs
Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Nursing Assessment Tool Highlights
  • Pre-populates InterRAI data into the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Tool in real-time to ensure members are authorized for the appropriate services.
  • Uses decision-support technology to generate consistent and reliable eligibility determinations of personal care service hours.
  • Calculates the Nursing Facility Level of Care Score.
  • Insures InterRAI Assessment accuracy by identifying and fixing inconsistencies.
  • Insures consistency between the diagnosis and functional ability of the member to the need for service.
  • Decreases MLTSS spending through elimination of variation and unnecessary hours.
  • Assess whether members’ needs can be met by other services or programs in lieu of personal care services.
  • Optimizes workflow and support for clinical decision making.
  • Transforms volumes of data into actionable insights with our easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Organizes data over time to visualize and inspect patterns and trends.
  • Provides a balance between social and functional needs and promotes consistency in Centered Service Planning (PCSP) development.
  • Assists Care Managers in developing a Person–Centered Service Planning (PCSP) that supports the independence and the abilities of the members.